Chad Michael Murray passed on roles because of his religion

Chad Michael Murray does not lose his religion. The “One Tree Hill” alum, 40, revealed that he wouldn’t take on certain acting roles if it offended his religious beliefs. “I stick to the things I believe in,” Murray recently told Fox News. “Let’s just say a piece of material will come across my desk, which … Read more

Bruce Willis and Tom Kavanaugh star in Toby’s new movie ‘Corrective Actions’

Full interview: Tom Kavanaugh discusses Toby’s new movie ‘Corrective Actions’ “Corrective Actions” stars Bruce Willis, Tom Kavanagh and Michael Rooker set in St Tiburon, the world’s most dangerous maximum security prison, housing the world’s most dangerous powerful criminals. (Credit: Tubi/FOX) Los Angeles – Comic book lovers rejoice! Based on the popular graphic novel, “Corrective Actions” … Read more

Put the secrets of classic science fiction

1997 was a banner for movies of all kinds. “You had ‘LA Confidential’, ‘Donnie Brasco’, ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘Titanic,’ and ‘As Good as It Gets’,” producer John Amicarella told The Post. He said, “And you had the ‘fifth element.’” Amicarella was a co-producer of French author Luc Besson’s futuristic science fiction journey. Set in the … Read more

‘Memory’ makes me think of Bruce Willis ‘every day’

In the latest action movie “Memory,” which opens April 29, Liam Neeson plays a deadly killer facing his toughest battle: the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. As his character copes with cognitive impairment as a hitman, the 69-year-old star has been on his mind Bruce Willis since his fellow flick, suffering from aphasia, recently retired from … Read more

Vampire-centric Morbius is another roll of Marvel’s dice

The development of the era of comic book movies has seen characters previously thought of as fringes move into the mainstream. Few would have predicted that Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Shazam would one day make their own movies, but here we are. Now join the unexpected list Morbiusalso known as the living vampire. … Read more

Bruce Willis appeared in the photo for the first time since the diagnosis of traumatic aphasia

Emma, ​​wife of Bruce Willis, has posted some new photos of the actor on her Instagram account – the first since the aphasia diagnosis was revealed. The recent announcement of the movie star’s retirement from acting in the wake of the diagnosis shocked the entertainment industry. In the video above: Bruce Willis retires from work … Read more

‘I have a lot of self-loathing’

Jared Leto in MorbiusPhoto: Sony Welcome to summer MorbiusJoyful time when we all reckon with the truth of it Morbiusa movie that no one seems to want or like, I made millions of dollars last weekend. Morbius reached by critics, which makes it one of the worst-reviewed Marvel neighborhood movies of the modern era. But … Read more

Morbius shows Sony is trying hard with Sinister Six

picture: Marvel Entertainment / Sony Pictures Entertainment Cinematic worlds are difficult to achieve, with only two complete successes in the form of the original Monster Worlds and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This did not prevent many from participating in the event in multiple ways, set up sequences And the planned crossovers that don’t eventually perform … Read more