A new project aims to improve the lives of stroke survivors with aphasia

A researcher in Queensland will lead a new project aimed at improving the lives of people with aphasia, a debilitating condition that affects one in three stroke survivors. Dr Jessica Campbell, Researcher at the University of Queensland and Ms. Marigold Southey Aphasia Research Grant recipient. Image Credit: The Stroke Foundation Jessica Campbell has been awarded … Read more

Onset of dementia is delayed by four to nine years in people who speak more than one language.

Although he studied medicine in Argentina, his native country, Marcelo Bertier came to Malaga 32 years ago, drawn to the quality of life in the city. Now, the university’s professor of neurology and scientist at IBIMA is known globally as a pioneer in the combined treatment of aphasia (a language disorder that makes communication through … Read more

Five different diseases that attack the language areas of the brain that cause primary progressive aphasia

There are five different diseases that attack language areas in the left hemisphere of the brain that slowly cause progressive impairment of language known as primary progressive aphasia (PPA), according to a new study in Northwestern Medicine. We discovered that each of these diseases affects a different part of the language network. In some cases, … Read more