Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Volume 2 is here, Overwatch 2 plans on the way

The Overwatch 2 Beta It was recently completed, but fans have more to look forward to. Overwatch Anniversary Remix: Volume 2 here is a plus Monitor 2 The plans are due to be announced very soon. With that said, there are plenty of exciting things fans can look forward to. (Photo: Brian Beder/Getty Images for … Read more

Mercy super jump and changes for Baptiste and Sojourn

Overwatch 2’s latest beta balancing patch adds a powerful boost to Mercy players. Blizzard Entertainment Although the first Monitor 2 The beta will end in just a few days, and Blizzard will be rolling out another balance patch to try a few things out. One was hinted at earlier this week in the form of … Read more

Mercy’s Super Jump may become an official ability in ‘Overwatch 2’

Her superhuman mercy leap gives her some extra movement. Blizzard Entertainment One of the biggest complaints about Monitor 2 So far, this support has not received quite the same level of attention as tank groups and DPS. With less protection from enemies due to only one tank per team and reduced CC abilities, the props … Read more

‘Illegal’ Overwatch 2 exploit causes Overwatch League team map to remodel

Overwatch 2 Circuit Royal map, also known as crime scene. Blizzard Entertainment The return of the Watch League, Baby! The 2022 season kicked off with a cracking opening weekend that saw some close matches as well as some explosions. with the switch to Monitor 2 And adding some new maps, teams have some new tricks … Read more

Blizzard discusses what will (and won’t) change in the Overwatch 2 beta – Ranked gameplay, hero mods, and more

Blizzard released early impressions of Monitor 2 The demo version, as well as details of the modifications that will be made in response to player feedback. (Image: Screenshot from the official Playoverwatch YouTube channel) developers Monitor 2 Discuss Hero’s mods According to Games Radar, developers Monitor 2 They posted a blog post about the new … Read more