When Joaquin Phoenix falls into dementia

Video – In theaters on October 9, the movie that explores the past of Batman’s enemy doesn’t line up with other blockbuster films of the genre. More intimate, drenched in heavy atmosphere, this new trailer feels just like the Joker: weird, scary, violent. Screened on Saturday, August 31 at the 76th Venice Film Festival, the … Read more

Million Dollar ‘Memory’ Fades As Northman And Nic Cage

Liam Neeson Remembered Open Road and Briarcliff There was only one major new release this weekend, The Calm Before the Summer Storm and another example of a theater industry hungry for consistent theatrical content. Offered to open the way memoryactor Liam Neeson, co-stars with Jay Pearce in what’s essentially two-handed, courtesy of Casino Royale/zorro mask … Read more

Put the secrets of classic science fiction

1997 was a banner for movies of all kinds. “You had ‘LA Confidential’, ‘Donnie Brasco’, ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘Titanic,’ and ‘As Good as It Gets’,” producer John Amicarella told The Post. He said, “And you had the ‘fifth element.’” Amicarella was a co-producer of French author Luc Besson’s futuristic science fiction journey. Set in the … Read more

Movie Guide | Myrtle Beach Sun News

what’s new the wicked | After years of countless robberies and being the world’s most wanted villain, the gang is finally caught, and Mr. Wolf brokers a deal (he has no intention of keeping) to save them all from prison: The Bad Guys will go well. Under the tutelage of their mentor Professor Marmalade (Richard … Read more

‘Memory’ makes me think of Bruce Willis ‘every day’

In the latest action movie “Memory,” which opens April 29, Liam Neeson plays a deadly killer facing his toughest battle: the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. As his character copes with cognitive impairment as a hitman, the 69-year-old star has been on his mind Bruce Willis since his fellow flick, suffering from aphasia, recently retired from … Read more

Joaquin Phoenix is ​​ready to wear the Joker costume

Nothing has yet been signed between the actor and Warner Bros, but he says he wants “Go further” in his character. The temptation is very strong. Two years after the huge success of the movie jokerThe possibility of a sequel to Arthur Fleck’s adventures becomes clearer. Joaquin Phoenix, the translator of this hero who was … Read more