Elon Musk may want to be careful what he wishes for

(Reuters) – If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years in journalism, it’s this: A good editor is your best friend, saving you from all kinds of mishaps. This is also the reason why Elon Musk wants to be careful what he wishes for. Musk moved last week to appeal a decision by a … Read more

Anticipating the US economic downturn, Elon Musk explains Tesla’s employee cuts

DOHA (Reuters) – Tesla CEO Elon Musk said a 10 percent pay cut at the electric car maker will take place over three months as the world’s richest man predicted the recession in the United States would be bigger. Most likely not. His comments were the most detailed explanation of the job cut plans and … Read more

Iron Man Elon Musk places his bets on a Tesla battery

(Reuters) – While Tesla’s earnings and prices made headlines last week, a potential pivotal development in the global auto industry largely remained undisclosed. The leading US electric company revealed that nearly half of the vehicles it produced in the first quarter were powered by lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries — a cheaper competitor to the … Read more