Ari Aster’s new nightmare isn’t about to be released in France

after, after genetics And the MidsmarAri Aster gets ready Serious disappointment.a movie with Joaquin Phoenix that will not be released. While Robert Eggers’ latest film was, Northman One of the biggest twists of the year at the box office, all our hopes now rest on Ari Aster, the other new big name in independent American … Read more

After Heredity and Midsommar, Ari Aster’s new nightmare promises to go crazy

The new genius of horror cinema, Ari Aster, will return with Serious disappointment.a dark and horrific comedy starring Joaquin Phoenix. With only two feature films to his credit, Ari Aster is already one of the most promising names in horror cinema. If it is disturbing and evil genetics He has already conquered the press and … Read more