Tesla accidents: Elon Musk has targeted several complaints after technical malfunctions

In 2021, Tesla exceeded its goals by approaching one million cars sold worldwide. In France, the Model 3 – the car involved in the Paris crash – topped the list with 3,959 sales. Records, but also shadows on the board. Because the Elon Musk brand is the subject of many investigations, especially in the United States. In question, the automated driving system, the autopilot.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the US federal agency responsible for road safety, is also investigating suspicious accidents and has secured a recall of 12,000 vehicles over reports of sudden braking. At the end of 2021, more than 650,000 vehicles were recalled in China and the United States due to a problem with a faulty trunk latch in the front of the vehicle, causing the trunk to open and close repeatedly. . In June 2021, the American manufacturer had already recalled 285,000 vehicles in China after a glitch in its assistive drive program.

Death at 145 km/h

Because there have been accidents. In April 2021, a Tesla crashed into a tree in Spring, Texas, killing two people. In September 2021, Nicholas Garcia, 20, lost his life with his elderly passenger, 19, in a Tesla Model 3 that caught fire after colliding with two trees. The car was traveling at around 145 km/h in an area limited to 50 km/h. For the driver’s family, who filed a complaint, the car’s suspension was an anomaly and this failure could have caused a loss of control. In October, Tesla had to recall 2,800 vehicles due to suspension issues. In 2019 and July 2021, Tesla was already targeted in the US by complaints after fatal accidents.

In China, in February 2021, a young driver causes an accident. In question, according to her, the reliability of the braking. Two months later, at the Shanghai Motor Show, she took advantage of the event to publicly question the American company and got an apology from Tesla …

Tesla responds with data collected, for example, during the fourth quarter of 2021, there was “one accident for every 6.93 million kilometers driven where drivers used autopilot technology (…) By comparison, the latest NHTSA data shows that in the US There is a car accident every 779,000 km. »

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