The Batwoman series introduces a new Joker, after Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix

In the Batwoman series, Nick Creegan is the first black actor to play the Joker. The character will face Ryan Wilder (played by excellent Gavicia Leslie).

The family of actors who played the role of “Joker”, the famous antagonist of Batman, is growing. After Jake Nicholson, Heath Ledger, Joachim Phoenix, or even Jared Leto, Nick Kerrigan is now wearing the Joker smile. This time not in the cinema, but in a television series, facing the heroine: Batman. For the first time, the Joker is a racist.

Already in 2021, the series distinguished itself by creating a completely new heroine to dress up as the bodyguard of Batuman, the pseudonym Kate Kane. After Ruby Rose announced her departure from the show, the production did not recast the character, but used Javicia Leslie to play Ryan Wilder. This character is not from the comics. It was invented from scratch.

Since the arrival of Ryan Wilder and Javicia Leslie Batman Experiencing a new life span – close to rebooting. The quality of the series, the originality of her approach, all the better for her. Obviously, the production decided to continue down that path with a character invite again: Marquis Jet.

Nick Kerrigan is the Joker Buffaloman. // Source: The CW

“Batman had the Joker, and Batman, you have me”

The Marquis has a hidden family relationship with Ryan, and when the two meet, Ryan soon learns that Marquis isn’t entirely sane. In his childhood, he met the “historic” Joker, when the latter hijacked a school bus. On this occasion, the villain placed an electronic device on his skull, which he called the “Joy Bell”, which caused significant brain damage.

Although he survived, his mother assures this: since then, he has been different, adopting unhealthy behaviors, deliberately harming others, and enjoying them strangely. In short, the Marquis had been cold and ruthless since his encounter with the Joker. So much so that it becomes a new version of the Joker himself:

I always wondered why I was on that bus that day. Twenty kids, so why am I the one who got the bell? (…) Batman had the Joker, and Batman, you have me. »

The first elemental joker in history

This new Joker is played by a black man, Nick Kerrigan, making him the first racially charged Joker in history. This coincidentally comes a few episodes after the show revealed that Poison Ivy will be played by Nicole Kang, the Asian-American character to take on the role. As for the series’ star, Jacivia Leslie, she is also the first black woman to interpret Batwoman, who is also a lesbian and heroine. The series is ultimately marked by its leap forward in acting.

On the part of Nick Kerrigan, the interpretation of this role seems interesting. ” It’s pretty crazy, actually ‘, to the actor wrap. “ I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few weeks or months, you know? It’s still surreal to me. It was a crazy time for me. You see, welcome to the new Joker, for being the first person of color to play this role – the messages and love I received were overwhelming. It’s a fun trip. »

He said he was inspired by various previous interpretations of the Joker, but wanted to add his own personality. For example, his vile laughter, characteristic of this character, ” It’s actually my real laugh “in version” Exaggerated When the interviewer asks him to sum up in a few words the explanation he intends to give to the Joker in this season, Nick Kerrigan answers complete chaos You have been warned.

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