The director reveals the story of his movie “Joker”

Both through the end scene of the movie Batman, or the cut scene Warner revealed a few days ago, a version of Joker Matt Reeves begins to emerge and gradually merges into a futuristic Bat-Verse. The director’s recent statements allow us to learn more about him Dramatic background.

promotional scene

If the final minutes of the film provided a “cool” teaser for the return of the oldest antagonist of the Dark Knight, with such a distinct laugh, the deleted scene posted on the canvas finally made it possible to put a face and in the segment of the relaunch of the marketing and promotional campaign of the film.

So, this 5-minute scene gives us our first glimpse into this countless Joker, which we imagine on the next movie poster Batman, (or even the third opus?). An iconic smile, somewhat hidden scars under a blurred face, the Joker appears to be an extension of the one portrayed by Christopher Nolan fourteen years ago in The Dark Knight, The Black Knight.

Inspired by two letters, not two letters

However, Super villain prefers to be inspired by Todd PhillipsAccording to Matt Reeves’ words given to variety. Personal details This hypothesis is revealed:

It’s like the phantom of the opera. He has a congenital condition that prevents him from smiling, which is horrible. Her face is half hidden for most of the film. It’s not about a version where he falls into a vat of chemicals and his face is disfigured, and it’s not about what Christopher Nolan did, keeping a secret of how he got his scars. What if this man had this disease from birth and cursed?

Through it This congenital disease, which also nibbles at Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in the highly equivalent feature film, that convergence takes place. If bringing a historical supervillain to the fore for the umpteenth time might seem enough, sticking with the story of 2019 could feel warm.

But Matt Reeves’ words also make one think about the historical character of the seventh art: Elephant Man, from the movie of the same name directed by David Lynch.

He had this smile that people stared at, which was hideous and terrifying. Even when he was a child, people would look at him in horror and said Well, this is all a joke. It was his nihilistic view of the world.”

What’s next for the joker?

If the marketing influence is there, what can we expect from the Joker? In the scene in question, we understand that Batman and the Joker already know each other, since the latter is talking about their previous encounter. So we imagine that the character interpreted by Irish actor Barry Keoghan (already appeared in eternity from Marvel) You will seek to escape from the asylum to avenge Gotham’s guard in the second installment.

When asked, Reeves dropped some clues.

There may be few opportunities. There are things I’m very interested in doing in the Arkham environment, Possibly for HBO Max. There are things we talked about. So it is very possible. Nor is it impossible for there to be a story in which the Joker comes into our world.”

Should we expect to see Batman’s enemy act out its own spin-off? or Asylum series Arkham In development on HBO Max? Nothing has been confirmed about this. On the other hand, we understand that projects around the Bat-Verse seem to be piling up.

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