“The musical was a challenge.”

Taher Rahim plays in Don Juan, Written by Serge Bozon with Virginie Evira and Alain Schamfort. Arnaud Lamm/Studio Charlet

In the musical by Serge Bozon shown at Cannes, the actor embodies the annoying and adorable Don Juan, along with Virginie Evra.

distance sinner And a Golden Globe nomination, the actor returns to French cinema with Don Juan, An atypical variation of Serge Bozon on the mythical character. In the title of this musical comedy that premiered at Cannes during the festival, Tahir Rahim sings about his love for Virginie Evira, the embodiment of the ideal woman that the desperate hero cannot forget. Meet the actor who just finished shooting a movie Napoleon, By Ridley Scott, starring Joaquin Phoenix.

Miss Figaro. Don Juan It is a unique project. Did you hesitate before accepting?
Tahir Rahim. – No, because I was immediately taken in by Serge’s modern view of this myth and through him of the relationship between man and woman and the profession of an actor. But the musical was really a challenge: I’m fairly comfortable with my body, I wasn’t afraid to dance, and singing on the other hand was new. Having said that, the more complicated things seemed to me, the more excited she was. I had to take a lot of lessons because the songs were captured on set.

Video “Don Juan” Trailer

According to some actors, singing is the most indecent exercise …
Too fair: It’s a direct mockery. You won’t be Frank Sinatra in a few weeks. But it’s really hard to jump into the void in front of someone you trust, as it is with Virginie.

The actors are eccentric, playful, indecent. Are you concerned about this line of the movie?
Play is the essence of the profession: rediscover the joy of childhood. Eccentric, no doubt in my desire to explore other universes. But I prefer the termgenerous” to me “ indecent Because without generosity, we put obstacles to development, cooperation, and creativity.

Virginie Avira and Taher Rahim in the movie Don Juan. Lee Films Pelias / Jean-Louis Fernandez

Your character says to never act in life. And you?
When we were younger, we invented characters with my friends. I can’t now, because the game is intrinsically related to the reality of the character.

No red carpet game either?
There are codes out there that dictate some form of precaution. So I had a hard time embracing magic in my early days. Today, I understand that it is necessary to perpetuate the dream, without, of course, sliding into complacency. When I was younger, and without comparing myself to these giants, I really admired Steve McQueen, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Sean Connery. Without any arrogance, they gave the impression that the world belonged to them.

With Leila, our fates were protected: we quickly and simultaneously played great roles, without outperforming one of them.

Taher Rahim

The fear of being an actor for a role, was also taken up in the movie, did you really take hold of it?
You have multiplied universes in order to avoid labels. And being an actor for a role isn’t always a contempt, as it is for John Wayne, the lone cowboy incarnation. He has taken it further than any other will.

Don Juan loves the same woman here all his life. Share concept?
Yes, because I live it.

The film provokes competition between actors…
I saw her with others, but with Layla (Bakhti,his wife, editor’s note), our fates were protected: we had good roles quickly and at the same time, without one of them outperforming. It is the merit of doing the same job: the love and fidelity that bind us together allow us to be very fair spectators to one another. We always encourage each other. Jealousy is not in our DNA.

Don Juan,Written by Serge Bozon with Tahir Rahim, Virginie Evira and Alain Chamfort… Released 23 May.


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