The Overwatch League is pulling out of amazing gameplay that was deemed illegal

Florida Mayhem on the Overwatch 2 Circuit Royale map is an exploit of the game and is illegal in Overwatch League matches.

Season 5 of the Overwatch League kicked off over the weekend, and it only took 3 days for there to be a controversial moment. However, this part of the controversy took a more fun and medium-stakes form. Florida Mayhem has messed up their names as they used a crazy trick from the striker’s spawn Overwatch 2’s New Circuit Royale escort map to capture their opponents unaware. However, the play was deemed illegal.

For their match against Paris Eternal, Mayhem chose the lineup that includes Mei and Symmetra. From outside the Circuit Royale attacker’s spawn room, they placed Mei’s Ice Wall ability on top of the ceiling, then placed Symmetra’s teleporter on top of the ice wall. This unexpected addition to the map structure allowed Chaos to reach higher ground and fall on their opponents on the other side, leaving them unaware as they wait for a more conventional attack to push through the map’s initial choke point.

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The match was allowed to continue as normal with Chaos eventually winning the map. But upon winning, players Jack “Jaws” Wright and Rosemary “Nekkra” Kelley interrupted the usual flow of the weekend in the Overwatch League accompanied by a message in the lower third of the screen that the Mayhem attack round had to be replayed because the play was a known exploit in Monitor 2. Sean Miller, president of the Overwatch League, explained in a tweet after the ruling was announced that using the Mei Wall and Symmetra teleporter to access areas that could not be accessed in this way was exploitative and not permitted.

Overwatch League coaches and analysts found the verdict in the rulebook, and it’s believed to have an ambiguous interpretation according to Florida coach Mayhem Head Gunba. He also promised to refer to the rulebook before implementing any other unique strategies. The match was replayed using the Paris Attack Tour as a baseline, but the Florida Mime ended up winning the tour anyway. The team then joked, saying they beat the Eternal 4-1 (first to 3 is the usual winning condition) and it was the culmination of a mixed weekend for one of the league’s most cheat-prone teams.

The Overwatch League teams are made up of some of the most skilled players in the world, and they find any gaming advantage that requires high skills to win. But since the league is working on Monitor 2 In beta, there is potential for more loopholes and vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of. The play could have been one of the greatest in Overwatch League history, but since it’s illegal, it can’t be anything more than an impressive clip in a gag reel.

Monitor 2 In development for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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