The Stony Brook Master of Television Writing organizes a sold-out show at Manhattan’s famous Asylum Theater |

MFA students take their well deserved bows with Alan Kingsberg, MFA’s Director of Television Writing.

Two fully-produced online episodes featuring excerpts from eight original TV pilots were shown by professional actors before a crowd of students, faculty, and industry professionals at Asylum Theater West 26y Street in New York City on a show hosted by the MFA’s Television Writing Program.

The evening ended with Mallory Basic installed SHESPN Which tells the story of a hot lesbian NFL analyst who loses her prime-time gig after an argument at a bar that goes viral. She is demoted to take part in the network’s struggling women’s sports show, where she must team up with a crew of underdogs to boost the program’s ratings before she – and her career – is benched for good.

TV Show Maya
From Maya from Brooklyn, Brittany Ramgatan.

The touching comedy of Brittany Ramgatan, Maya from Brooklyntells the story of an immigrant housewife in the 1960s, who lies to take charge of Brooklyn’s only Hindu temple in order to marry off her sweet but homely son.

Galen Foot is funny and touching life with anger He explores what happens when an irreverent rock star, who suffers from aphasia and can no longer sing, returns to the small town – and his neurotic son – whom he abandoned twenty years ago.

One of the two episodes shown on the web was Lisa Davey growth Which includes Broadway musical star Leslie Kretzer. This irreverent comedy tells the story of an insecure woman who suddenly becomes the confident and assertive person she’s always aspired to. When she learns that a brain tumor is responsible for the change, she must choose whether to go back to her old self or leave the tumor in place – and go on living her best life – even though it could kill her.

TV show rage
From Life with Rage by Galen Foot.

Alan Kingsberg, Founding Director of Stony Brook’s MFA in Television Writing, welcomed everyone to the Asylum Theater by noting that “since television is a writer’s medium, it is fitting at least on this afternoon that writers run Asylum.”

Kingsburg went on to say that the quality of all the pilots, many of whom have won national awards, is on par with the on-air and streaming shows. Show projects have been overseen by Kingsberg and television writing professors Scott Burkhart and Jim Genwen; The webinar was moderated by Professor Kristen Lefkow.

Other pilots introduced were written by Laura Burns, Nelson Downend, Emma Gwyneth Gutt, Ada Lee Halowski, Tamar Haviv, and Noel P. Wilson.

Now in its fifth year, Stony Brook’s MFA in Television Writing is the most popular master’s in television writing on the East Coast, designed to empower writers to build portfolios that can kick-start their careers. If Sunday’s show indicates the talent of the program’s graduates, their work will soon be flowing straight to living rooms everywhere.


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