The world’s most watched biopic is leaving streaming platforms soon

If you are a fan of rock music, you have probably seen this movie released in 2018, which won an Oscar and a Golden Globe for the main performance. But be careful because bohemian rhapsody Soon it won’t be available for streaming…

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bohemian rhapsody Soon it won’t be available for streaming. The movie that includes the story of this Queen’s song, is leaving Prime Video on Friday 29th April and the bad news is that it is not being streamed on any other platform, at the moment… bohemian rhapsodyby Brian Singer, relives the dizzying fate of Freddie Mercury, the iconic singer of the queen of rock quartet, from the group’s creation in 1970 until the massive Live Aid charity concert in 1985. It’s the actor Rami Malek, who is seen in the series mr robotWho was chosen to play the role of the singer on screen. Like every end of the month, streaming platforms are revamping their catalog. The problem is, Prime Video was the only platform to stream Bohemian Rhapsody… so we’ll probably have to wait a while before we can see it again.

Where can you see Bohemian Rhapsody?

Available on Amazon Prime Video until April 29th, bohemian rhapsody It drew more than 4.3 million French people in theaters when it was shown in cinemas in 2018, and has generated more than $900 million in revenue worldwide. Having become the most watched biographical film in the world, the feature film has been awarded several times as well. The film was nominated five times at the 91st Academy Awards, and won four figurines, including Best Actor for Freddy Mercury translator Rami Malek. Before he played James Bond opponent in Death can waitThe actor is 100% involved in his role as a singing star, after extensive lessons with a coach and learning to wear dentures.

if you like bohemian rhapsodyOther biography about music to watch

There is no shortage of biographies on singers, musicians, or even composers. On the side of classical music, AmadeusAnd from Milos Forman is still considered a true chef to this day. In a more famous record, Joaquin Phoenix made an impression for his performance in walk the line (available on Disney+), which reviews Johnny Cash’s legendary concert at Folsom Prison, while Jamie Foxx won an Academy Award for his portrayal of Ray Charles in Beam. In France, Sveva Alviti was revealed for her role in Dalida (2016) and Jérémie Renier gave her voice cloklo. Not forgetting, of course, Marion Cotillard, transformed and unforgettable in Child.

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