Thor Love and Thunder Trailer risks repeating Morbius’ fatal mistake

The trailer for Love and Thunder features prominently in Guardians, but the whole thing from one scene appears to be – possibly repeating an issue seen with Morbius.

Thor: Love and Thunder‘s The first trailer was recently dropped, and it looks like he’s making the same big mistake Morbius Act. The trailer prominently features Guardians of the Galaxy, making it sound like they’ll have a large presence in the movie. However, by making that choice, ox: love and thunder close to repeating one Morbiusbiggest drawbacks.

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thor leaves Earth with Guardians of the Galaxy. For this reason, many have speculated that the team will join Thor on his next big adventure, just like Hulk did in Motorcycle rental. However, every appearance by The Guardians in love and thunderThe trailer for “It Happened” appears to be in one place, which means they’re likely barely even in the movie.

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The MCU had a lot of gusto in the long run, so Guardians came out early love and thunder It would usually be a fun way to start the movie. However, the team in the trailer is shown disproportionately to the amount of their appearance in it love and thunder It can lead to disappointment of the masses. This can be seen with Morbius, whose marketing became a problem when it was introduced. Its trailers appeared in the MCU’s Vulture, leading many to believe that he would play a part in it Morbius‘ story. However, Vulture only appears in post-credits scenes, which means that Vulture had a bit less screen time in the trailers than he did in the final product. MorbiusMarketing mismanaged expectations, leading fans to believe the movie contained more than it was on display. By prominently featuring The Guardians in their trailers, love and thunder can do the same.

Thor Love and Thunder Trailer Mantis upgrade Guardians of the Galaxy

Although it seems that the Guardians appear in love and thunder Seeing the team fight alongside Thor, the lack of other scenes it currently contains suggests they probably won’t do much more than that. It is possible that they simply drop a bull on a planet and then leave. For this reason, their screen time will likely be similar to Vulture’s Morbius. The other problem with showing off these big looks in the trailers is that they remove some of the surprise from the movie. For example, if Spider-Man: There is no room for homeI showed their trailers to other Spider-Mans, and their final appearance in the movie would have been less satisfying. It is possible that the appearance of the eagle in Morbius It would have been exciting if the trailers hadn’t spoiled it, which is why it’s such a big mistake – a mistake love and thunder It appears to be recurring.

There is only one way Thor: Love and Thunder This problem can be avoided. Although The Guardians may not be in the movie for long, they can still please viewers if they play an important role, do something new or prepare something exciting. For example, they can mention where they will go once they leave Thor, in the setting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It can also appear later love and thunder, in a scene that wasn’t shown in the trailers because it could have spoiled the movie. Showing them in a chapter 3 battle scene or a post-credits scene can avoid the Vulture issue Morbius she has. If the purpose of the presence of these characters in love and thunder Is a cameo, then displayed in the trailer is a problem. However, if the Guardians fill one of the above roles, they can still please the audience. Although it can be avoided, unless Thor: Love and Thunder Hiding something, it risks repeating the same problem that Morbius Act.

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