Tonight is ours: Eva Mendes had to drink for the sex scene

The opening of The Night Belongs to Us plunges the viewer into the intimacy of the couple formed by Eva Mendes and Joaquin Phoenix. A complicated series for its portrayal of the actress who manages to use a drink prepared by director James Gray.

Tonight belongs to us A touching thriller by James Gray

distance Little Odessa And yardsJames Gray is directing another crime and family drama with him Tonight belongs to us. He tells the film, released in 2007 Attracted by Bobby Green (Joaquin Phoenix) in the late ’80s. The manager of a Brooklyn nightclub owned by Russian-born fur dealer Marat Buzaev (Muni Moshonov), Bobby runs the business under his mother’s name. If he makes this decision, it is because he does not want to be associated with his brother Joseph (Mark Wahlberg) and his father, Albert Grosinsky (Robert Duvall), who are both police officers.

Tonight belongs to us © Wild Bunch

But when Joseph is shot in the head after a stormy raid on a nightclub, Bobby must choose between dating and his family. He agrees to help the authorities bring down Vadim Nizhinsky (Alex Vidov), the nephew of Marat Buzaev and a ruthless drug dealer. But his infiltration mission went wrong and it happened Dire repercussions for those around him.

James Gray continues to trap his main character in impossible dilemmas Tonight belongs to usas it will in two lovers and talk Ad Astra. Added the crushing evolution of the hero played by Joaquin Phoenix scary tension scenesincluding intrusion into a cocaine factory and a rainy chase where fate and powerlessness triumph.

An “awkward” scene filmed by Eva Mendes

death Tonight belongs to us pass too The gradual breakdown of the relationship between Bobby and his partner Amada, played by Eva Mendes. United during the first part of the film, the couple tears through the violence and grief that overwhelms them, until the complete disappearance of Amada, before a fleeting and poignant finale appears in the closing.

Tonight belongs to us
Tonight belongs to us © Wild Bunch

From the opening, James Gray reveals their intimate relationship whilehot scene Meanwhile, Bobby lovingly watches Amada masturbate while tube heart of glass Blondie resonates in the nightclub. A ‘scary’ and ‘awkward’ sequence To photograph Eva Mendes, as I confided to her collider. add to who cried while filming this intro but was able to count on the full support of James Gray, who Purify a drink to give him courage :

It was really difficult. In fact, it was so hard that the director made me vodka with orange juice in the morning and, believe me, I never drank at work.

To make it easier for the actors to work, James Gray also insisted Filming the scene at the end of productionwhich was welcomed by Eva Mendes during an interview NewsBlaze :

James was pretty cool, because he made sure that this scene was the last scene to be filmed. It made sense because at the time Joaquin and I spent three months together. It really helped. The scene is really exciting and very embarrassing. But it also reflects a lot of love.

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