Top 10 Joaquin Phoenix Shows

Child of the Hollywood industry and brother to the late Phoenix River, Joaquin had a turbulent shadow at first. But, since her inception in the ’80s, she hit the spot while on the run, Ron Howard Fatherhood and MotherhoodJoaquin has succeeded in carving out a niche of his own in Hollywood in the style of Christian Bale.

His versatility knows no bounds, often transforming his body and face to match the role he is playing. The depth of humanity he brings to his roles translates into harrowing images of despair, loneliness, and the search for redemption. He turns mean every so often, but also leans on his sexy, sexy side when he needs to. Phoenix has become a trusted leader while always keeping the audience on their toes. Today’s Video

Here are his top 10 shows.

tento retreat

to retreat

Although he is not the chief to retreat And just in a few scenes, Joaquin makes an unforgettable entrance into this crazy crime thriller hallucination from dissident author Oliver Stone. Phoenix’s performance as a silly-minded Southern “TNT” is the perfect prerequisite for what would happen to his sweet portrayal of the man in black, Johnny Cash. The perfect blend of cool and hot charisma.



Together with Mel Gibson in paintings And part of another genius concept from M. Night Shyamalan, it was easy for Joaquin “Merrill”‘s brother character to get lost in the shuffle. Living on the farm with his preacher brother and children, Phoenix shines as a reluctant hero, but also adds a bit of humor and liveliness when needed. He must either choose to believe in God’s miracles or work against the alien forces that approach them. Phoenix makes another memorable support lap as a faded small-town athlete.

8Don’t worry, he won’t walk away

Don't worry, he won't walk away

Phoenix’s first collaboration with Gus Van Sant since 1995 die forAnd Don’t worry, he won’t walk away He sees Joaquin as the famous “John Callahan” cartoonist and his long battle with alcoholism. Joaquin wears an orange wig and is confined to a wheelchair due to a horrific drunk accident. Breathing life and humanity into desperate characters may be one of Joaquin’s greatest gifts as he saves a film that may be too dark to retreat into itself, as his portrayal of Callahan shows that no one is too far from salvation.

7Inherent vice

Inherent vice

The psychedelic and misty puzzle of Paul Thomas Anderson adapted from the almost inaccessible Thomas Pynchon, Inherent vice It works like a movie because it’s in the right place. Phoenix as drug-addicted private detective “Doc Sportello” in all the lamb chops frenzy matches the story’s bizarre and offbeat mood from one scene to the next. Navigating the psychedelic smog of SoCal in the 1970s, Phoenix delivers one of the funniest performances of his long career.

6You weren’t really there

You weren't really there

Lynne Ramsay doesn’t make movies for patients. Scattered, simple but heartbreaking pulp story starring Joaquin Phoenix as brutal killer “Joe” was an uncompromising look at violence and its effects on the viewer. Phoenix fills tires You weren’t really there He barely speaks a word but instead forces his will into a dark transformation – perhaps his greatest portrayal of brutality yet while escaping from the movie as the hero.



In his second collaboration with the PTA, Joaquin transforms into naval fugitive “Freddie Quell” who meets the paranoid “Lancaster Dodd”, played by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman. Mr She herself is less concerned with narrative conventions and instead lays her laurels on Phoenix’s shoulders as she takes us through the psyche of a troubled and haunted man. Joaquin creates a character in many different colors, from violent psychosis, despair, loneliness and romance with a sense of discovery on the horizon. Her performance earned her her third Academy Award nomination.

4the gladiator

the fighter

On the brink, young Joaquin decided to play the antagonist “Commodus” in Ridley Scott’s Roman epic. the gladiator. Opposite of Russell Crowe’s iconic role as the tragic hero “Maximus,” Phoenix injects the film with a sinister villain, who grumbles and infiltrates the throne. Phoenix earned its first Academy Award nomination in the supporting category, proving that it can be seen in its entirety even when playing scum.



In Joaquin’s sweetest role so far and one of the best movies he’s ever had the chance to play, here’s Spike Jonze’s honest and grotesque love story in the digital age Ha. Heartbroken as sole writer “Theodore Twombly”, Phoenix falls in love with an AI voiced by Scarlett Johansson. Part heartbreaking comedy and tragedy, Phoenix sells what shouldn’t work and humanizes the performance enough that you can’t help but understand the fateful romance.

2walk the line

walk the line

Winning his second Academy Award nomination and his first as a leading actor, Joaquin showed Phoenix Johnny Cash before our very eyes in walk the line, transforms into the legendary bad boy of country music. Not only did he have the brilliant charismatic energy of single criticism, but he also did all his singing and learned to play guitar just like Cash. Joaquin proved he could star in a mainstream biopic without losing his art, putting him at the top of a Hollywood restaurant chain.



After Heath Ledger’s final performance as the Joker, it was hard to believe that anyone could follow him with any integrity. But that’s exactly what Joaquin Phoenix did with “Arthur Fleck” and create another notable image of the famous Batman villain standing alone alongside the performances of Ledger and Jack Nicholson. Phoenix created a character in joker which immediately became known. From insightful chatter to the distorted shape of his body and his transformation from failed comedian to sinister savior of Gotham’s filthy streets, Phoenix won the gold medal that night. He became the second actor to do so after the tragic death of Heath Ledger.

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