Top 10 Most Inconsequential Plot Turns in Movies

If done well, the plot development could be a defining moment in the movie. The plot development can propel the movie from a good story to an unforgettable experience that no one can stop talking about. Poorly done, however, the plot twist opens the film to ridicule.

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To be successful, a plot twist can not only be shocking and revealing, it has to make sense. It cannot break all the rules of setting, conflict with predefined information, or force characters to act other than themselves. Meaningless plot events, both in the real world and in their canons, tend to be some of the most iconic in cinema.

10 The Final Battle Is Only a Vision (The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part Two)

The twilight Movies tend to be reasonably faithful adaptations, but Breaking Dawn – Part Two It seems to take quite a deviation away from its source in the end. Instead of a peaceful ceremony that closes the books, the confrontation between the Collins and the Volturi gives way to an epic brawl.

Loveable characters die left and right, bad guys are torn apart, and it seems certain that the good will prevail in the end. but, Breaking Dawn – Part Two He reveals the entire battle to be Alice’s vision for the future. This development not only disappoints many fans, but also breaks the canon: Alice cannot see werewolves in her visions, and yet the final battle is full of them.

9 The events of the film take place in a secluded village in the modern era (the village).

Night Shyamalan is known for his love of big plot twists. Some of these, such as in The Sixth Sense, considered impeccable. However, other plot twists are notorious for their little usefulness. for example, the village A film about residents of a small house from the 19th century who fear the outside.

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Over the the village, the existence of the titular village in 21st century America is revealed, and it was founded by sad people who wanted to isolate the rest of the world. The idea that such a place could exist in complete isolation and the rest of the country accepted it proved unreasonable to many, and the bad reaction to such a contortion became the most famous thing about the village.

8 Jack and Barbossa are both masters of pirates (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End)

Conspiracy Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End It follows the main characters trying to reunite Brethren Court, which requires the revival of Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow. This is because they are both members of the Nine Pirate Lords. Aside from not being mentioned before, this seems unlikely to many.

For one thing, Barbossa was Jack Sparrow’s first companion at the time, and thus was in a much lower position than any other pirate lord. In addition, it is unlikely that pirates, who were notorious for being unreliable, would give the Black Pearl or any ship twice the rating power of another ship. As such, this development comes as an excuse to bring the two characters back.

7 Appearance of the eagle (Morbius)

Morbius He has proven to be a disappointing piece of the movie, and what is best known about him is the derisive praise for him by the internet. However, one of its biggest disappointments is the medium loan scene. The scene appears to have set up a cross at the eagle from Spider-Man: Homecoming He appeared in front of Morbius, blaming Spider-Man.

None of this makes sense in regards to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or Morbius Itself. There is no specific reason for the cause of events No going back home You will send the eagle into the realm of Morbius, nor why Morbius will even know who Spider-Man is. The sheer absurdity of the scene became one of the most widely criticized parts MorbiusConspiracy.

6 Existence of the Deathly Hallows (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

As indicated by the name, plot alike Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows The movies take a sharp turn when the existence of the Deathly Hallows is revealed: three extremely powerful artifacts that can allow a person to take control of Death. Many of Deathly Hallows He spent searching for her while trying to destroy Voldemort’s Horcruxes.

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What doesn’t make sense is that Deathly Hallows has never been mentioned before. The Elder Wand is the most famous wand in history and was used by two of the most famous witches of the 20th century. It’s hard to believe the idea that incredibly knowledgeable Hermione Granger hadn’t even heard of Deathly Hallows being mentioned before.

5 Dylan Rhodes Is A Knight (Now You See Me)

the film Now you see me Two stories follow: the story of charming thieves known as the Four Musketeers attempting a series of daring heists, and Dylan Rhodes, the FBI agent who pursues them. At the end of the film, it is revealed that Rhodes is the leader of the Knights, directing them on an elaborate revenge mission.

Rhodes playing on both sides is not great, but the way Now you see me It shows. Several times throughout the film, Rhodes continues to act fully committed to his achievement when alone or with the Four Horsemen. These scenes are only meant to keep the audience deluded, and are meaningless in hindsight.

4 All Bond villains serve the Spectrum (Ghost)

The James Bond films of director Daniel Craig seem to be largely independent stories, but one movie tries to tie them together. late in ghostBlofeld reveals that the villains in every previous movie in the new continuity were working together as members of the titular organization, which was created to make Bond’s life miserable.

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However, this seems far fetched when looking at the previous films. Supporters of Le Chiffre and Quantum in the first two films seem to have their own agenda, and they only entered Bond’s life by chance. Silva from sky fall He has a personal rivalry with James, but seems to be working alone and for his own purposes. This twist seems like an attempt to build continuity that fails.

3 The apes somehow go back in time (Planet of the Apes)

Twisted end of the original planet of the apes, which reveals that the titular planet is the Earth of the future, is a famous and beloved development. Tim Burton’s new version attempts to create a similar reaction by having the hero return to the present day at last, only for the world to be revealed as being overrun by apes, even replacing the Lincoln Memorial.

There is no explanation provided for how this happened. Some fans are speculating that the question was intended to be answered in a sequel, but with planet of the apes Stand-alone, the ending does not make sense in the narrative.

2 Tyler Durden and Narrator are the same person (Fight Club)

Conspiracy fight club It follows the strange friendship and eventual animosity between an unnamed narrator and the mysterious Tyler Durden as they start a nationwide movement of fight clubs that turns into a terrorist movement. In the third act, the narrator realizes a terrible truth: Tyler Durden is his surrogate.

Although this development is lovable, most people would agree that it is, at best, a stretch. Tyler and the narrator are shown doing completely different things during the scenes, with no explanation later. most condemned, fight club He suggests that you start fight clubs because strangers liked a man punching himself, rather than trying to get him medical help.

1 The corpse is actually a jigsaw (saw)

For most saw, the two main characters are locked in a room with a dead body in between, completely still. Many were revealed by sawculminating in a recent twist: the corpse is actually a living person, John Kramer, a Jigsaw Killer.

Apart from being unnecessary after much better swings earlier saw, this twist is also meaningless. A severely ill Kramer can lie down in an apparently silent room without making noise or appearing to be breathing for hours on end, all for very little gain.

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