Top Mortgage Lenders in Kentucky

It’s time to find out who the top mortgage lenders in Kentucky are, based on total loan volume.

More than 750 banks, direct lenders, and credit unions originated home loans in the state of Kentucky last year.

Altogether, this group funded more than $40 billion in mortgages, though only one can claim to be #1.

As is the case with many other states in the nation, Rocket Mortgage led the way in The Bluegrass State.

Keep reading to see which other mortgage companies made the top-10 list.

Top Mortgage Lenders in Kentucky (Overall)

Ranking Company Name 2021 Loan Volume
1. Rocket Mortgage $2.2 billion
2. Wells Fargo $1.2 billion
3. Freedom Mortgage $1.1 billion
4. U.S. Bank $1.1 billion
5. UWM $1.0 billion
6. Homepoint $1.0 billion
7. Fifth Third Bank $952 million
8. Chase $938 million
9. Pennymac $885 million
10. AmeriHome Mortgage $844 million

Rocket Mortgage snagged the top spot in Kentucky with $2.2 billion in home loans funded in 2021, per HMDA data compiled by Richey May.

That was about a billion more than second place Wells Fargo, which managed about $1.2 billion in origination volume last year.

Coming in third was Boca Raton-based Freedom Mortgage with $1.1 billion, narrowly beating out U.S. Bank’s similar total.

In fifth was United Wholesale Mortgage with $1 billion, a company that relies solely on mortgage brokers to generate business.

The rest of the top 10 included Homepoint, Fifth Third Bank, Chase, Pennymac, and AmeriHome Mortgage.

None of the companies mentioned are headquartered in Kentucky, though Fifth Third is from nearby Cincinnati, Ohio.

Top Kentucky Mortgage Lenders (for Home Buyers)

Ranking Company Name 2021 Loan Volume
1. AmeriHome Mortgage $511 million
2. Pennymac $500 million
3. UWM $489 million
4. Stockton Mortgage $489 million
5. Rocket Mortgage $485 million
6. Wells Fargo $484 million
7. Homepoint $479 million
8. U.S. Bank $420 million
9. Citizens Bank $410 million
10. American Mtg. Service Co. $403 million

If talking home purchase lending only, SoCal-based AmeriHome Mortgage takes the top spot with $511 million funded.

They were followed by another SoCal lender, Pennymac, with $500 million funded, and UWM with $489 million in third.

Frankfort, KY-based Stockton Mortgage took fourth with roughly $489 million as well, trailed closely by Rocket Mortgage with $485 million.

The bottom half of the top 10 included Wells Fargo,…

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