Top Overwatch League Player Retired

The Overwatch League is losing one of its most famous players to retire just before the start of the new season.

In a shocking announcement yesterday, the San Francisco Shock, one of the Overwatch League’s 20 teams, announced the retirement of Matthew “Super” DeLisi. The Super is considered by many to be among the best Note and watch Tank players who have never touched the game, and this ad attracted many in Note and watch The community is off guard.

Super was in Note and watch Since the beginning of professional play, his playing on tanks has been highly regarded by many in the pro Note and watch Scene. It should be noted that his ability to play tank hero Reinhardt has been highly praised, with some believing that he is the best player in the world over this hero. Incredibly super decorated Note and watch A player, with two Overwatch League titles, two runner-up MVP results, an All-Star, a Role Star (awarded to the best Overwatch League players in their positions), and a Gold Medal in the Overwatch World Cup.

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The San Francisco Shock announced his retirement via Twitter, with Super following up later. Super said he has lost his passion for competing at a high level, and the work has taken an emotional toll on him. He says he regretted putting his team in this place, as all eyes were on him to help the San Francisco Shock continue their dominance in the league. Super has a very successful and dependable streaming, and he even earned a nomination at this year’s Streamer Awards for Best FPS Streamer.

We’re just over a month away from the start of Season 5 of the Overwatch League, so Super’s retirement comes at a bad time for the San Francisco Shock. The Overwatch League will move to Monitor 2 This season, which meant reducing the number of tank players from 2 to 1. Super was the only tank player, with no backups. This leaves the San Francisco Shock in an awkward position, as the slump season is mostly over, and they will have to scramble to find a replacement for the tank role.

Overwatch League Move to Monitor 2 It’s been a mess, as issues with Activision Blizzard have left Overwatch League organizers with no clear path forward. There have been multiple leadership changes from top to bottom, and this season looks very different from previous seasons. It’s also possible that losing one of the league’s best players will lower viewership when the San Francisco Shock plays their games.

Wait for the audience to try Monitor 2 For themselves is fast approaching. With the Overwatch League starting yet Monitor 2 Trial is running, some are Note and watch Fans will be excited to see the rest of the pros Note and watch Players can bring it next season.

Monitor 2 Currently in development, with a beta test release on April 26.

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