Twitter: Elon Musk says he’s ‘progressing…’ making fun of Bill Gates | Elon Musk

Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk on Sunday threw some uncertainty into his plans to acquire social media platform Twitter by Post a message which she said was “moving forward”.

Musk is known for his ambiguous messages on Twitter, which he often uses to attack people, post insults, or just make jokes.

The exact meaning of the latest coded message was initially unclear, as it is simply said: “moving forward …”. But amid widespread and immediate speculation, Musk later published a file Tweet Clarification He said he was moving on from “the irony of [Bill] Gates”.

Musk had previously been involved in a row with the Microsoft founder over Musk’s refusal to work with him on climate change because he said Gates had taken a short position on Tesla stock. Musk is the CEO of Tesla, which makes electric cars.

“[Moving on …] It is ironic for Gates to lower his prices on Tesla while claiming to support climate change action.”

But the post came after an exciting week in which Musk, the world’s richest man, secured $46.5 billion in funding to fund a potentially hostile attempt at Twitter, including $21 billion of his own money.

The funding commitments were outlined in a filing last week with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Musk already owns 9.2% of the social media platform and last week announced a bid of $54.20 per share.

Musk’s offer is seen as hostile because it bypasses the company’s board of directors. Twitter has also launched what’s known as the Pill Defense, which aims to prevent Musk from building a share greater than 15%.

According to the New York Times, Twitter’s board of directors is laying out a Sunday around the show. The board has come under increasing pressure from shareholders to negotiate with Musk. Board members are expected to find the offer too low when the company reports its quarterly earnings Thursday, but some shareholders still want Twitter to seek a better offer from Musk or solicit competing offers.

One Twitter fund manager told Reuters that Musk could raise his offer or “he could also give up on the whole thing. Anything is possible.”

Musk called himself “the absolute freedom of speech” and made it clear that he believed Twitter was not giving enough freedom to millions of users. In a letter to Twitter’s board of directors, he said the platform “needs to go private.” He has reported the changes he might bring to the company, including the introduction of an edit button for tweets.

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