Two Bruce Willis films are scheduled to be released [watch]

Legendary Hollywood actor Bruce Willis is set to star in two new films – corrective measures And The fort: the eye of the sniper – which will be released on Friday, April 29th.

It could be this 67-year-old die hard The actor’s latest films after his family announced his retirement from acting last month. The iconic action hero has been diagnosed with aphasia which affects a person’s language skills and can cause significant problems with reading, writing, listening and speaking. Those affected may use the words in the wrong order.

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‘corrective measures’

Willis plays the lead alongside Michael Rooker corrective actions, Science fiction film based on Grant Chastain’s novel of the same name.

The film takes place in San Tiburon, the most dangerous maximum security prison in the world. It follows a group of monsters, cyborgs, and villains who all occupy the same prison.

In the film, Willis plays Julius “The Lobe” Lobe, a wealthy genius, while Rocker plays Devlin who is a corrupt ranger after the fortunes of The Lobe.

Tom Kavanagh (Sparkle), Kat Ruston (100), Kevin Zegers (Insurgent) and Hayley Sells (Deadpool 2) also star in the movie.

Sean Patrick O’Reilly Howard Lovecraft And kingdom of madness He wrote, produced and directed the film.

corrective measures It’s a project I’ve been wanting to see come to life from the pages of the Arcana graphic novel series for a long time. Steering this project from screenplay to screen has been an amazing journey, and making a directing debut at this level with so many talented cast and crew is truly a dream come true,” O’Reilly told Variety.

Watch the corrective measures The trailer is below:

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Castle: the eye of the sniper

The movie is a cybercrime thriller and a sequel to CastleReleased in 2021.

The fort: the eye of the sniper It follows a retired CIA agent (Willis) and his son Paul (Jesse Metcalfe) as they attempt to rebuild their relationship after their last epic encounter protecting the highly-secure secret base: the castle. When Paul’s wife, Melissa, is kidnapped, he and Robert embark on a deadly journey through the rugged mountains in hopes of saving her before time runs out – IMDB

WHATCH THE Castle: the eye of the sniper The trailer is below:

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