Virgin Evira is very free from Tahir Rahim

We liked him in the series Serpent On Netflix and then in cinemas sinner Especially with Jodie Foster. Tahir Rahim will soon return to our screens in Don Juan by Serge Bozon, inspired by Molière’s 1665 play. He will play Laurent in this mirrored version of a work by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin. The film will be released in theaters on May 23, and will be shown at the Cannes Selection for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival. “In 2022, Don Juan is no longer the man who seduces all women, but a man obsessed with one woman: the one who abandoned him…”, the summary tells us.

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Inverted Don Juan

This film was shot as a musical, so Serge Buzon intended this film to be “a reflection of the classics of French literature.” “For this love story, I found it easier to take a starting point that everyone knew, and so I suggested to screenwriter Axelle Robert, to work with Don Juan. At the time, Axelle was very invested in what was happening around #Metoo and we agreed on the idea of ​​Inverted Don. Joanne,” the director explained.

And Serge Bozon added: “Instead of conquering all, he is abandoned (…) Instead of Don Juan who seduces all women, he is obsessed with one woman whom he sees multiplying everywhere. And he does not stop throwing the women who approach him thinking that he recognizes her In this way. Normally, Don Juan is victorious, cynical, and manipulative; there, he is a loser, loyal and impotent.” Guests in the group Daily Yesterday, Monday 2 May, Virginie Evira and Tahir Rahim came to promote this movie but not only!

“My best partner”

In the middle of the interview, Jan Barthes asked Vergne to describe Taher. First she insisted: “Everyone should know: he is the smartest man on the planet. The best partner I have.” And the actress didn’t stop there, adding that “he has a flair for the game and for others, he’s an amazing professional and he has deep humility, which is great for an actor.”

Virginie wasn’t the only one being praised on the set Daily Since Tahir Rahim also described who gave him the reply in Don Juan. He began “Tell me of poetry”. “He is someone who welcomes everyone every day. She has raw talent, absolute generosity. The perfect playmate,” Laila Bhatti’s husband admitted. And finally, back to Virginia: “She gets as much sunlight as anyone else.” Beautiful statement.

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