What was Joaquin Phoenix doing with a calf in his arms the day after the Oscars?

Joaquin Phoenix wins Best Actor Oscar for his role in joker. (Los Angeles, February 9, 2020). Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The day after his committed speech at the Academy Awards, the actor stepped into a slaughterhouse. A timeless moment in a video released on February 21. Touching, or a little embarrassing?

What was Joaquin Phoenix doing the day after he won the Oscar? No sleepover, no champagne lunch (vegetarian). No, the actor was in a slaughterhouse. In a video posted on February 21 by Farm Sanctuary, an American organization that rescues animals destined for the food industry, the actor comes to the aid of a calf and his mother. Probably his best performance since then joker.

In the video, Joaquin Phoenix saves a calf from the slaughterhouse

The 8-minute film begins with Joaquin Phoenix’s encounter with the owner of a slaughterhouse in Pico Rivera, California. When I explain to him that the animals were culled in less than 60 seconds, in the most “humane” way possible, the actor stands firm. Then the botanical representative for many years outwardly (but with a smile) used the word “kill” when the butcher spoke of “slaughtered” animals. A somewhat polite verbal game, when it suddenly becomes a drama. An “unplanned” moment, as stated at the beginning of the video. Joaquin learns that a calf was born there. “It’s an exception to the rule for most slaughterhouses,” one of the employees explains to him in Spanish. The actor’s blood plays one role: “Let’s goJoaquin heads to the enclosure where the baby and his mother are locked up. The violins mingle in the soundtrack with the moans of the two animals approaching Joaquin, arms crossed. After a brief cuddle with the calf, the actor takes him in his arms and takes him to a brighter future, namely: the pastures of one of the Society’s “sanctuaries.”

Run after love, and peace will follow

Joaquin Phoenix

The little animal will have to wait a bit before it goes there: as soon as it arrives, Joaquin grabs it again to drop it a few meters away. Amazed, his mother is waiting for him there. Under the gaze of the actor (who kept his sunglasses) probably in motion, the two animals found themselves. The slaughterhouse chief and the actor share one last fraternal hug: “I’ll send you pictures of that calf flapping in the fields,” Joaquin promises. And the video also ends with a photo of the proud animal, decorated with dedication from the actor: “Run after love, and peace will follow.”

committed speeches

Those words, Joaquin Phoenix uttered on stage at the Academy Awards on February 9, after he was crowned Best Actor for his role in them. joker. Taken from a song written by his late brother River Phoenix, they conclude a committed speech. “The greatest gift cinema has given me is the opportunity to use my voice for the benefit of those who do not have a voice,” the actor said. Before calling for a convergence of struggles: “Whether we talk about gender equality, racism and human rights Like me, those of aborigines or animals, we are talking about fighting injustice.” On the stage of Dolby, it was the animal cause that particularly defended him, once again evoking the fate of the cattle: “We go out into nature and plunder its resources. We feel we have the right to artificially inseminate a cow and steal its child, even if we cannot ignore its cries of distress. Then we take the milk meant for this calf, put it in our coffee and our cereal.”

A week ago, when he just won Best Actor in a Bafta (and we were still drinking latte), Joaquin denounced “systematic” racism in the film industry in general, and English celebration in particular: “I feel torn: we are sending a clear message to people of color that they are not welcome here.” Speeches that were heard and praised by the whole world, as the actor refined his strategy: on January 5, on the stage of the Golden Globes, his speech was banned in favor of the environment decorated with many “f … k”, very rough.

save the world

Does the actor do too much? So far, his performance has been welcomed all over the world. Because Joaquin Phoenix is ​​a respected actor. And that he, too, made a mistake: At the Oscars, he said he’s “cruel, tough, at work.” and ‘grateful’ for taking advantage of a ‘second chance’. This new chapter, he passionately dedicates to the well-being of the living world. To this end, he uses his talent. Frowning eyebrows, trembling voice, insight: in the United States, actors have become rulers, even presidents. They did not change the world. Perhaps Joaquin will achieve this by playing (over).


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