When Joaquin Phoenix falls into dementia

Video – In theaters on October 9, the movie that explores the past of Batman’s enemy doesn’t line up with other blockbuster films of the genre. More intimate, drenched in heavy atmosphere, this new trailer feels just like the Joker: weird, scary, violent.

Screened on Saturday, August 31 at the 76th Venice Film Festival, the movie that erases the demonic character of the Joker has been revealed in an all-new trailer. From the beginnings of the project, this feature film gives a feel, and that’s fine, setting itself up against the odds in all the superhero movies made up until then. At the same time, interesting, captivating and disturbing, this new trailer only confirms this first impression.

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In this new excerpt from joker, It’s cold and it’s scary. This polymorphed madman, destined to become Batman’s archenemy, plunges deeper and deeper into madness, letting out this horrifying, foreboding laughter several times the worst. In Gotham that succumbed to the gratuitous violence and corruption of politicians, revolution is beginning to brew. Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a battered, humiliated, and outcast from society drops the mask, and will form white, red, and green to become the Joker. Clowns are out.

“It only takes one bad day for the most sane man to go crazy.”

The Joker in “Batman: The Killing Joke”

With this new trailer, it looks like the origins of the psychological drift of Batman’s most dangerous foes are taking shape more and more. Here we also discover the man responsible for the Joker’s madness. It’s TV presenter Murray Franklin that Robert De Niro has camped more despicable than ever. As cleverly stated, he undoubtedly played a crucial role in the transformation of the main character’s character, a dejected being who became the most angry maniac in the history of comics.

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The genesis of the script seems to be inspired by the comics Batman: Murder is a joke. Fans unanimously considered a masterpiece of the genre, the story of this sectarian comedian looks at the transformation of an ordinary man into a real monster. This comedian tried to prove Arkham’s frontier axiom: “It would only take a bad day for the most sane man to go crazy.”

Despite this strange similarity killer joke Director Todd Phillips (very bad trip) However, he told the magazine empire That he and his team didn’t make the Joker, “but the story of a man who became the Joker. We’ve absolutely nothing to follow from the comic books, which will drive fans of the character completely crazy…”


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