Who is Sojourn?: All you need to know about Sojourn in Overwatch 2

Many shooter games go beyond belief as players often focus more on the game mechanics rather than on the lines that define each playable character in the game. Note and watch It does not belong to this category, since the developers built an interesting story of knowledge along with mastering the game mechanics.

the original Note and watch The team has been a staple in science for a while, but other names have occasionally appeared in the past. Sojourn, for example, made his first appearance during the Storm Rising event in 2019. Players wondered if Sojourn would be one of the next playable characters in the game. Note and watchbut this is not the case at the present time.

Looks like Sojourn time is finally coming Monitor 2although she will be one of the newest heroes to join the roster.

Who is Sojourn?

Players deep in lore may remember Sojourn because she was one of the original team members. Winston also called her at first, but she didn’t join the team until after the Null Sector attack. Despite being a new hero, Sojourn has been in and out of the flag, making her a familiar face. Note and watch Fans who can’t get enough of the story.

In an original video released on April 13, Blizzard revealed that Sojourn’s real name is Vivian Chase. She was a member of the Canadian Special Forces and fought alongside Overwatch during the Omnic Crisis. She formed a strong friendship with Jack Morrison “Soldier: 76”, who called her up after the crisis to join Overwatch. As a leader, I worked with the organization’s field agents, trying to make sure they all stayed safe. It’s not clear what adventures she found herself on after her days in Overwatch, but we’ll surely find out more about her lore than Monitor 2 shown.

What is the role of Sojourn?

More technical details, Sojourn is a mid-range champ with mobility and wing resistance. Details of her abilities were revealed in a gameplay trailer and accompanying drawingand both explain exactly how it will work Observation 2.

Sojourn’s signature weapon is an electromagnetic cannon that fires fast-fired projectiles, each generating energy on impact. Her rifle also has a secondary fire that fires a “high impact bullet.” This shot uses up all the energy it has stored through its raw fire.

Sojourn also comes with some exciting abilities. Power Slide is a mobility ability that allows it to slide across the floor. Canceling the slide turns her into a high jump similar to Baptiste’s jump which gives her short aerial capabilities. Disruptor Shot fires an energy shot that slows and damages enemies within its area of ​​impact. Her ultimate ability, Overclock, automatically charges her electromagnetic cannon for a short period of time and makes charged shots penetrate enemies, allowing her to hit more than one enemy at a time.

Sojourn will definitely be one of the most popular picks when it arrives Overwatch 2’s beta. Players will have to wait until then to try out her abilities for the first time and see how she does against the cast of returning from the franchise.

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