Who plays the Joker in the blockbuster Robert Pattinson movie?

If you’ve watched The Batman, you must have noticed that one of DC’s most cult characters appeared in the Arkham Hive. But who personifies the dark knight’s archenemy in Gotham? Who will succeed Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto and Joaquin Phoenix?

Batman Written by Matt Reeves is the cinematic event at the beginning of 2022. So The Riddler is embodied by A Paul Dano Terrifying and Population wins all votes, and Joker appear at the end of the movie.

She’s Irish Barry Keoghan (The Eternals, Dunkirk) who had the difficult task of embodying the legendary enemy of the Dark Knight.


I always pinch myselfThe 29-year-old actor commented on Esquire.Being able to be a part of the Batman universe is amazing to me. I totally like all the (superhero) movies especially Batman. Now that I’m a member of this universe, I can’t believe it“.

Filmsactu was able to meet Barry kyogan To release eternity. He was asked about his involvement in tea Batman Which embarrassed him and destabilized him as if he was afraid to spoil anything. We better understand why today. “Matt Reeves has a true vision of cinema.” Bumble shyly. “Just like Chloe Chow“.


The only actor to share the screen with Barry Keoghan in The Batman is Paul Dano. “I’m a big fan of Paul. He is also a very good person. I watched all his movies including Prisoners… They say we’re a bit alike, I wonder if that’s the case“.

This does not mean that we should expect it Batman 2 Put the joker in front.

Matt Reeves explains:This scene (with Joker -ndr) isn’t there to say: “It’s an Easter egg, and the next movie will be…”. I don’t know if the Joker will be in the next movie. What I can say is that we will see a very small version of the Joker and as usual mayhem brewing in Gotham“.

The Joker is featured in The Batman as “Prisoner of the ark of the unseen(Prisoner of the Hidden Arkham).


As for the intersection Joaquin PhoenixRobert PattinsonThe two characters don’t seem to evolve in the same universe. On the matter, Matt Reeves comments: “I was finishing Planet of the Apes (2017) when I joined the production of The Batman. I have been working there for 5 years. When I threw my heart and soul into the script, the Joker wasn’t out yet. I didn’t know what this movie would be. “

At Total Films, Matt Reeves continues: “I heard about the Joker as soon as I plunged into The Batman… The Joker was always planned as a solo movie according to Joaquin (Phoenix) and Todd (Philip, director). There have never been discussions about crosshairs“.



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