Why did Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro clash on the set?

Forget the gloomy clown of comics and his many avatars in cinema. The guy who chases down Todd Phillips’ movie Very Bad Journey has nothing in common with them. But who says Joker, says Batman. I miss! Batman is only called here by his father Thomas Wayne, a billionaire candidate for mayor of Gotham City, in the grip of a devastating economic crisis. In this apocalypse scene, failed comedian Arthur Fleck dreams of glory. But, due to his uncontrollable fits of laughter, he is misunderstood and rejected. After being denied social assistance, he investigates survival in low-paying jobs and humiliation. His life is nothing but a misfortune, until one night when, he wanted to defend a woman who had been molested by three sects, everything changed…

lovable villain

Once the movie was written, Todd Phillips thought of Joaquin Phoenix: “He’s the greatest actor of his generation, and above all, he seems perfect to me to embody that factor of chaos. You need a good dose of madness. Those who camped before him, like Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, have.” Driven by his appetite for extreme roles (singer Johnny Cash, in walk the linea professional killer in sisters sisters…), Phoenix blew pointers: “I love the characters in conflict with themselves. When he accepted the role, he wondered if he could give him some humanity.”. “I was scrolling through the script and said, “How about getting the audience to sympathize with him or sympathize with him?” “ This is what happens, and we are surprised by the fragility that his translator brings to him. To slip into Arthur Fleck’s dry head and body, and express his madness as much as his unique mercy, he lost 23 kilos, researched narcissism, criminology, and studied Buster Keaton’s gestures.

King Deniro

During the filming, the actor cut himself off from the world in order to devote himself to his role. “He just talked to meSays Todd Phillips. It’s the most intense and beautiful experience I’ve had as a director.” De Niro, who plays Murray Franklin, the star host of a very popular talk show, in which the Joker dreams of receiving an invitation, on the contrary, he ends his relationship with his stubborn partner. Before each photoshoot, De Niro likes the actors to read the script together, according to Vanity Fair. Phoenix, who is still a star fan taxi driverI didn’t want to hear it, preferring to improvise. His eldest son did not budge: “Tell him he’s an actor and he has to come here. We read, that’s how it goes.“Todd Phillips says he finally agreed, reluctantly, to mumble his text before heading home. Because, for Phoenix,”Embodying a character is not a performance but an experience.”. It is also the royal road to winning the Academy Award for Best Actor at the age of 45 this past February. His first extraordinary career.

Joker: Sunday, March 13th at 9:10 PM at TF1

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