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Monitor 2 Beta testing is in full swing. The next generation of highly successful Blizzard hero shooting games will look very different from the original Note and watch Thanks to large and small hero reworks, as well as changes to Note and watch goals, but overall it looks like it will offer an upgraded version of the familiar gaming experience. Stream Monitor 2 The hero mods look interesting enough, while the new damage hero Sojourn offers a glimpse of what could lie in it Monitor 2future. Blizzard hasn’t revealed other new heroes yet, but it undoubtedly has plans for many new tanks and props along with damage heroes like Sojourn.

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It will be especially interesting to see where the struts go Observation 2. As a utility-driven class, props have a skill for extremely unique abilities that no other hero can replicate, such as blocking Ana’s healing or increasing Lucio’s movement speed. But, Note and watch He has a pattern of prioritizing healing over other forms of utility when designing stents. Monitor 2 It should be a new opportunity for Blizzard to experience incurable forms of support as it did previously with Symmetra. re-invention Note and watch It should lead to a reinvention of what it means to be a support hero and to explore a benefit that can make up for the lack of healing.

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Overwatch Support Status

The struts may come with a lot of unique features, but they are still pretty consistent in the Note and watch In a way that is different from other categories in general. Tanks absorb damage in a variety of ways, from Reinhardt’s armor to Roadhog’s extensive health set, while Damage Heroes use a wide range of weapons and crowd control effects that make them a very diverse class. Note and watch Everyone supports distributing healing in their own way, but at the end of the day, their groups are designed around therapy in a big way. Healing is crucial in a game like heavy damage note and watch, So it makes sense, but the support title seems to be less flexible when every hero under that banner can be reduced to a wizard.

There was a time when Note and watch The scope of support was not very limited. Blizzard originally envisioned Symmetra as a booster that would provide allies with additional armor, as well as mobility benefits through teleportation devices and turrets. After reworking several times, Symmetra is now a damage hero, if he is a very utilitarian hero. Blizzard must diversify the support space and give fans a variety of team building options by rethinking the Symmetra concept. if Note and watchSeveral tanks can block and absorb damage without relying on one common mechanic, and then at least one or two Note and watch Support can empower and protect their team without relying on recovery.

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Experiences of potential support for Overwatch 2

Design Monitor 2 Supporting someone who lacks healing but makes up for it in other ways isn’t easy, but Blizzard still has plenty of options. Unhealed support can focus on mitigating damage, for example, blocking incoming damage against certain targets completely so that they don’t need much healing for a short time. new shield based Note and watch Support can fill the void left by Symmetra’s changes, too. Aside from these healing alternatives, Blizzard might consider trying out bold new frontiers of enhancements and oils, such as boosters that increase the capacity of their allies’ ammo or manually move them out of harm’s way.

The Note and watch The support roster is certainly full of unique characters, from out-of-tank melee Brigitte to healer sniper Anna, but their collective reliance on healing makes the support space less diverse and interesting than it could possibly be. Monitor 2Changes in healing may mean that Blizzard is open to exploring alternative support models, since healing itself is not quite as impactful as it once was. Hopefully this is a new era Note and watch It includes some backing designs that really break the mold.

Monitor 2 In development for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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